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About Steve.

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 Steve Eldefonso and Melissa-Alexie Le, Business partners and owners Digital Gooru Multimedia Design.

Message from Steve:

I am a professional musician and digital artist who has performed music much of his life, .(keyboards and brass instruments). I attended San Jose State University with a major in music and have a BS degree in technical/multimedia management, graduating ‘Summa Cum Laude’ just last year. My education is current and applicable to this service.

I began my professional music career at 16 years old to now, and am 58 years old, with an updated college degree in the field, have a ton of life long experience and a deep passion for music and acting, having appeared in theatrical productions as a child and adult.

I began learning digital software for sound and video in 2001, beginning with digital audio music production, and quickly adding video editing and special effects/animation. I have some experience with Maya 3D modeling and animation software, know most all Adobe software applications and others. 

I have project management, technical management and operations management experience.  

This is the work I love. I have no intention of retiring, but would rather support my family into my later years doing the work I love, coaching students and clients willing to learn and giving back to the arts that I have enjoyed my entire life. 

Thank you for your interest, and good luck with your craft, whatever that may be, hope you love it!


Steve Eldefonso, Artistic Director, DGMD.





Technical Experience and Software

Adobe, Photoshop: Photography editing, special effects, web design.




Adobe, Illustrator: Graphic art and design/illustrations.



Adobe, Premiere: Video editing, video production, special effects.



Adobe Dreamweaver, Web Design and publication.




Adobe Flash, Animation.




Adobe, After Effects: Digital special effects.



Adobe Edge, Web Animation.




Avid, Pro Tools Digital Audio Production, sound effects, audio editing.



Apple, Logic Audio Digital Audio Production.



WordPress: Web Design and Blog publication.



Autodesk, Maya 3D Modeling/Animation.



Electronic keyboard midi synthesizing and editing.



Canon 30D Digital Camera.



2 Sony VX-2000 video Cameras.



Apple and Windows based computers.


Microsoft Office Suite.

Microsoft Office logo 2010


Green Screen effects and composite. 

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