(Note: Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page for important information.)

Digital Gooru Multimedia Design, (DGMD) keeps a professional musician on staff and a partially equipped recording studio in our music directors residence for helping independent artists who are interested in making musical recordings but cannot afford to pay for production of a commercial ready sound/mastering facility. We are not a fully equipped commercial recording studio, but rather a stage to launch the aspiring artist to the next level.

For those who desire custom music for special renditions or the composer who writes their own music but cant afford a band or orchestra to rehearse and perform it, our digital music production facilities are a perfect fit.

We use ‘Pro Tools‘ digital music production software to produce multi-track music to back up or produce your music. This is what separates us from the rest. We are prepared to produce a back up sound track of instrumentals to accompany your performance and do so at a fraction of the cost you would normally pay.

Some of the back up music genres that are available:

  • Rock and Roll
  • Pop
  • Classical
  • Hip-Hop
  • Latin
  • Full Orchestral

More options are available and the options are limitless. Just bring your voice, your guitar or your instrument of choice if you have one; have a sit in our studio and perform!

We will record and produce the recording tracks, edit and incorporate your tracks into a full blown music production for you.

Here are some samples of our recent works. Turn up the volume, close your eyes and enjoy music you can literally feel as you listen:




Secreto D’Amour: Here is a popular Latin number made popular by the Latin singing artist Joan Sebastian, but the vocal performance on the recording you are about to hear is performed by one of our own clients. All instrumentals accompanying his voice are produced digitally in our studio, (including the guitar solos).

If you are a composer who writes music, an aspiring singer, keyboard artist or guitarist, or a small group and want a full band back up of any genre, i.e. Country Western, Jazz, Rock n Roll, Hip-Hop, Latin, or Blues, we can build a musical stage for you to perform on. Any kind, any instruments, we will back you up! Just sit down, and perform or provide me with your sheet music and I will go to work. We will record and provide you with a music CD of quality suitable for your talent and your material, and equal to your passion for music!






Ave Maria:  Along more classical lines is this song which we produced using digital editing software.

DGMD can produce full orchestral productions for cinema, or special events. Have a video you need a musical score for, or… are you an opera or classical vocalist and need an orchestra or string ensemble to accompany you. We can help!






Bach Fugue A La Gigue: This sample is provided to demonstrate multi track music production capabilities at DGMD. This Bach Fugue represents 32 tracks of orchestral instrumentation including everything from oboes to tubas. There is no limit as to what can be done.

As for cost effectiveness, keep in mind that this entire production was performed by only one of our professional digital music production staff members.

You do not need to hire a 60 piece orchestra to have this kind of music available to you!  We can make it for you at Digital Gooru!







Piano Solo:  As for our own talent, this next track is piano music performed by our resident musician, Steven Eldefonso at the grand piano. This number is a combo of two songs, Rhapsody in Blue and Fugue a la Turk.

Steve heads up our digital music production operation and can produce musical magic for all of your needs.





Disclaimer: Please read carefully.

We are not here to get rich but rather because we love music. The funds we earn with our music services are invested back into enhancing our studio; our goal being to finish building a fully equipped studio that will focus on unexposed talent and be a launching pad to success for those who have the gift!  Also, if we feel your needs are not a good fit for what we offer, we will tell you and try and direct you to resources that fit your needs better.

Our recording studio is run from a residence, and does not have a sound proof room. Our service is intended for amateurs and struggling artists who are confident they have what it takes to be a success, but cannot afford a fully equipped studio.

You will come to my home and walk to my studio area at the rear of my home and sit on a bench, (or stand if you are doing vocals) with a high quality microphone(s) in front of you and perform while I record you.

I will then record several tracks of the same number and edit the tracks,  taking the best of each track and combining them into one master track. The music track I have provided, (Secreto D’Amour) was produced in this manner.

Should you desire a support band to back you up, I am fully equipped with state of the art computer hardware and world class digital sound modules to reproduce high definition stereo music with ultra realistic instrumentals at your disposal.  This is a cost effective and practical way to make a demo.

We do not record for the purpose of creating a master you should take to a CD publication house to print thousands of copies for sale. We provide you with the tools to get those guys interested in taking you to a commercial recording house and pay you to record for them instead of you paying them. For that I ask a very modest fee, of which I use to reinvest in my studio to grow and help more and more people just like you. You can pay as you go or pay a reduced fee up front. I will work for you.

  • Steve Eldefonso
  • Artistic Director, Digital Gooru Multimedia
  • Phone (714)-474-1915



Q: What is the cost of recording tracks at your studio.

A: $50.00 per hour for recording as many tracks as you can perform of one song in that time. I will hand you a recording of your tracks on a CD at the end of the session.

If you need to have your tracks edited into one track of the best portions of your tracks, that is a one time $100 fee for a single, edited track on CD.

Q: How much does it cost to have you produce a back up instrumental or original piece?

A: Depends on the song, how many instruments/tracks you want, how many total measures of music in the number etc. The ‘Secreto D Amour’ track on this page included 16 separate tracks of instrumentals and percussion at a cost of $500.00 to the client, and took me 20 hours to produce. So I make about $20.00 and hour. I commonly ask for a 50% non refundable retainer to take on and produce the music with the balance due upon delivery of the tracks. The average time required for a relatively simple song is 10-12 hours. But I charge a minimum non-refundable retainer of $250 up front for any song. That is the minimum charge for any song.

But, there are karaoke sound tracks available that can be used for your demo to mitigate that cost.  In fact, recording your music at home using karaoke equipment and sound may be an appropriate way to go for you.

The music production I do is best for people who want a custom version of the music they will perform that is not commonly found on karaoke recordings, or for the composer who writes their own music and cannot afford a band or orchestra to perform it, or cannot afford a full blown recording studio. Some people want to get some help because they are not sure how to go about it themselves. I am here to help transition you to the next level.

Q: How long does it take to get my demo.

A: To edit and produce your recorded ‘solo’ tracks it will take a couple of weeks. But to produce accompanying music depends on the complexity of the number. I can give you an estimation when you explain to me what it is you want when we talk.

Q: What if we are not happy with the outcome of the tracks?

A: You are allowed a single rewrite based on your input. I will re-record one hour of tracks and/or make edits to the back up music one time to fine tune what it is you really want.

If, after that… you are still not happy, I will hang on to the tracks and you will not have any further obligation. Note that retainers are not refundable under any circumstance.

About Steve and music:



I am a professional musician who has performed music much of his life, (keyboards and brass instruments). I attended San Jose State University with a major in music and have a BS degree in technical/multimedia management, graduating ‘Summa Cum Laude’ just last year. My education is current and applicable to this service.

I began my professional music career at 16 years old to now, and am 58 years old, with an updated college degree in the field, have a ton of life long experience and a deep passion for music. I know what I am doing and want to help those who need it to give back to the world of music that has been the largest joy in my life. I am here to help!

For me, the biggest reward is to work with and coach an unknown talent and give them a real chance at success. This is why I provide this service. That experience is a great thrill and something I will remember and cherish my entire life!

So will you!


Steve Eldefonso